An elegant subscription manager for iOS

Beautiful overview

See all your subscriptions in an elegant, easy-to-digest list with vibrant colors. You can see each subscription and its respective cost per a time period. At the bottom of the screen is a summary that allows you to get perspective into your spending. You can look at the cost of your subscriptions per day, per week, per month or per year.Each subscription gets its own dedicated page that is just a swipe away. You'll see a breakdown of the cost, again in per day, per week, per month and per year basis.

Review mode

With Review Mode, it's now easier than ever to see concretely how you can save your money. Enable Review Mode and start selecting subscriptions you might not need and the summary at the bottom of the screen updates to show your new costs. You can compare your saving in per day, per week, per month and per year basis.

Pre-made templates and customisation

When adding a subscription, select from an ever-growing list of pre-made templates that update automatically, or create your own one from scratch. You can choose and accent and background color and either select an included glyph or choose your very own image as icon.

It's those little things

Design for smaller displays. Passcode lock. Opt-out for analytics. 3D Touch on a subscription for quickly accessing more information. Swipe up or down on a subscription to edit it. It's all those little things that make Subs great.


Your data is yours. It will never be sent to a server or stored anywhere else but on your device without your explicit consent. By default, analytics are enabled in Subs. These analytics are important in determining how the app is used and crash reports are vital in fixing fatal issues. However, you should always be in control of your data. That's why you can easily opt out of analytics within the settings page in Subs. Note that disabling analytics requires you to completely quit Subs (open App Switcher, swipe up on Subs and reopen the app) to take effect. These analytics include data such as time spent in which location of the app, number of active users etc. The only personally identifying information is the country in which you use this app, and only your country. No other personal information is transmitted.


If you're having issues with Subs, or just want to say hello, or perhaps want to suggest a service to be added, please contact me via email: [email protected]

Included glyphs are from Glyphish